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Mac Squires (1908-1981) is best known for her paintings of Block Island, Cape Cod and Sanibel Island, done in the 1960s and 1970s. Painted in a simplified, flat style, her cottage interiors and porches, island ponds, marshes, and ocean beaches have evoked the pleasures of eastern shore summer vacations for many generations.

On this website you can find a brief biography of the artist and over 400 scanned images of her paintings, arranged by year and by subject.

You can also visit the Mac Squires Store where you can purchase cards, tee-shirts and other products featuring Squires designs.

We are eager to know the whereabouts of the actual paintings. If you have one, let us know!! If you can find your painting in the archive, let us know!! If you need help with an attribution, let us know!! And, by all means, if you have a better image of the painting, upload it to us!!

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