Andy would photograph the works included in each of Mac's exhibitions, and his photographs are the basis of our digital archive.  The quality of the images vary widely. They result from scanned slides and color prints (Polaroid and Kodak), as well as some direct digital photography. The original photography improved through practice, but could never be called professional. The slides are old and many were extremely discolored, and required cleaning as well as significant Photoshop adjustment. The color prints are faded. As inconsistent and inaccurate as they are, the images are of great documentary value, and they are all we have.

The information on each work also varies. Most information comes from annotated slides and color prints, but we also have notebooks that catalogue most (but not all) paintings from 1978 on and give each one an S. (Squires) number. If a title is known, it is included; if not, a description is included in brackets. If dimensions are known, they are included. It is best to consider all dates fairly tentative, except for those from 1978 on.

Please let us know if you have further information or better images.