Mac Squires had warm and extended relationships with her many dealers: Eileen Littlefield Lee, a fellow artist and co-owner of the Ragged Sailor Gallery on Block Island; Larom Munson, owner of the Munson Galleries (New Haven, Chatham, Nantucket, and Santa Fe); Gary Dietz of the Wilton Gallery; Paula Reems, Branchville Soho Gallery of Contemporary Art; and Fred and Clarice Fox of the Schoolhouse Gallery, on Sanibel Island, were all good friends to Mac and Andy.

Among her many corporate owners were McGraw-Hill, the Connecticut Bank & Trust Company, the Hearst Magazines, and Corning-Glass. Her individual collectors included Lee Waterman, former president of Corning-Glass; the furniture designer Jens Risom; college dean Francis E. Falvey, of Sanibel; Mrs. Keller Rockey, of Orleans; Ralph Pearsall, owner of the Wilton Village Market; Arthur Squires of New York and Blacksburg, Virginia, and many others. Some of these collectors numbered among her closest friends.

Two paintings are in the Cape Cod Museum of Art in Dennis, Massachusetts.

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