Mac and Andy Squires were strongly committed to the town of Wilton, Connecticut, where they lived for 26 years with their three children. One of the very few Democrats in town, and proud of it, Andy was elected Selectman in the town in the mid-50s. He worked tirelessly for the schools and was particularly engaged in establishing a music program. They were both active in the beautiful Wilton Congregational Church. Mac designed Christmas cards, Andy sung in the choir, and they both worked hard preparing antiques for the church's annual Connecticut Yankee Fair Auction.

Mac taught watercolor classes in Wilton for several years, both in offices down town and in the "chicken house studio" at her home. Many of her students became successful painters. (We would love to hear from you!)

Mac also had many artist friends in the WIlton area. Among them were Frances Joslin Gold, Ruth Kobler Dyer, and Gusti Wyman.

She left her most lasting public statement to Wilton in the murals that she painted in the early 1970s for the Wilton Village Market. These fresh scenes of old Wilton were commissioned by her fan Ralph Pearsall, owner of the market, and can still be seen today. [check]

Perhaps the biggest tribute to their Wilton years was the homecoming exhibition held in 1979 at the Wilton Gallery.