Mac Squires is primarily known for seascapes and beach scenes, each with simple, uncluttered design, strong color, charming patterning, and crisp clear silhouettes. Her evocative subjects include vacation cottage interiors and reductive views of dunes, island ponds, and empty beaches.

The seaside subject matter comes from increasing weeks and months enjoyed at Block Island and Cape Cod. Mac found the openness of coastal New England very appealing, perhaps reminding her of the flat lands and big skies of her girlhood Kansas. She and Andy sold their Connecticut farmhouse and moved to the Cape full-time in 1974.

The stylistic leap was largely facilitated by the newly available acrylic paints, made by Liquitex and offered to artists in tubes in 1963.  Mac's first acrylics were done in 1967 and 1968, and they look nothing like her earlier work.  Once she started using acrylics, she had found what she needed and she never looked back. The crisp shapes and silhouettes of the chairs, doors and windows, the calm flatness of the sea, even the overall serenity of her subject matter result from the happy union of the technical qualities of the paints she found to use and the visions of ideal summer idylls she wanted to create.

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